Question about lesson


do answers have to be correct to move on?....if so why do i feel its just passing without proper i really doing things correctly ? thank you for any answers i get i really like coding so far just wanna make sure i following the lessons right


hope this clears up why i am a little confused ...if nothing is wrong ill keep going


In your CSS, you are missing two curly braces ... these: }. I don't think that you have your selectors right either. there should be a .jumbotron p - yes?

-- also, you can't mix your quotes, use either two " " or two ' '. On your Shift, you have one of each.

In your HTML, you must have accidentally added some CSS. I can see it showing in your second picture in the web preview picture -- that shouldn't be there.


alright i will take another look now ...if i did it wrong why did it let me pass?


That's a good question. The code checker isn't as strict as it could be. It must be looking for something else in that exercise.

It is looking for an h3 inside of a learn-more that has:
- a font-family of 'Shift'
- a font-size of 18
- a font-weight of bold


please also see that i have moved to another section please see attached screen shots it says i passed but did i really and if i am missing something why i don't i get a warning thank you for helping me by the way these past two days


I can tell that you still have some CSS in your HTML file because I can see it in the web preview:

In your CSS file, you are still missing at least two of these: }.


You are welcome, I am happy to help you learn how all of this works.


ok i am going to move that into the css section and delete it from html section please see attached screen shot now does it matter where in the css file i place the code should it be at top or bottom


i thought i was making progress i just knew i was doing something wrong


Where doesn't matter to the computer, it does matter to humans that are reading your code. I prefer to find the CSS rules in roughly the same order as the elements appear on the HTML page.


That shows that you have good instincts.


i see that there is clean code and messy code i know it helps if its cleaner that way you can see where your mistakes are VS pulling your hair reading a i did put it in correctly? question is where are we moving it too so it can look like its in order?


EVERY CSS rule must have both an opening { and a closing }. You are missing several closing curly braces.


I like to write my CSS like this:

.jumbotron h1 {
  color: #fff;
  font-size: 48px;  
  font-family: 'Shift', sans-serif;
  font-weight: bold;

.jumbotron p {
  font-size: 20px;
  color: #fff;

It's easy to spot a missing curly brace or semicolon.


ok fixed and i am starting to see a change in my web preview please see attached let me know if it looks right


does codecademy provide onsite tutorials ? i live in new york if that is something that is provided


Last summer they were trying out some in-class groups. I don't think that is still going on at the moment.

Here was some of the advertising:


yeah just applied for next one thanks


Hi albionsrefuge!
Your advices helped me alot!
But now I have a problem in
Make a Website:Css Styling in 6.jumbotron:Fonts
could you plz help me to write it .
When ever I'm writing it again n again I'm getting the Error.