Question about lesson 14. Math


Hi. I'm now at lesson 14.Math of Ruby's Introduction. The instructions say to write the following: 
In the editor, set the variables:

sum equal to 13 + 379
product equal to 923 * 15
quotient equal to 13209 / 17

So I do, run the code and looks like I've done everything correctly, there are no error messages, but, why can I only see the result for the last line, which is 13209/7 = 777 and not for the other two operations? 

Hope my question is clear!


If you'd like to see the result of each,

puts 13 + 279
puts 923 * 15
puts 13209 / 17


Yes, I'd like to see the result of each, or simply understanding why these are not shown.

Thank you


They aren't being shown because you never put "puts" or "print" in front which would make all of them appear in the command line. It only does the last one because you never specified anything else.


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