Question about learning road blocks and how to approach them

I got went through the JavaScript Syntax II module and everything made sense. When I reached the Credit Card Checker it was a difficult task to assemble the things I’d learned into a solution that worked let alone worked well and the same thing happened with the Mysterious organism project following it. After spending some time trying to solve these with my own solutions I looked at the forums for code that worked. It seems like I’m in this paradox of knowledge where the solutions make sense but if I had not seen the solution I probably would have spent days/weeks trying to form the right structures for the problem.

My question is, Should we go back through the lesson and re learn the fundamentals of the topic if we aren’t able to assemble the pieces to solve a problem or is it a matter of seeing more examples of how the things we learned can/should be assembled in more complex structures?

Maybe both.
If you get the feeling that you know the fundamentals, more examples would probably help.
But if you get the impression that something’s missing from your understanding of what you’ve already done, then it might be useful to repeat some earlier lessons, or at least go over some parts of them.

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Yes and yes. But also, practice and write your own code as examples for concepts learned. If it’s not clear in the lessons, then you can seek out other resources to fully grasp the programming concepts.
Don’t move forward until you have a solid understanding of what you’ve already learned.