Question about keywords

in Create a Variable i found

list of key words

its a bit over whelming…

kindly instruct which are worth my time to know or key words that are less important… i will likely never use … if all are worth my time, let me know that too… i am sure you can gather what i am asking here

many thanks!

When I started to learn JavaScript, I felt overwhelmed with the long list of keywords too.
However, it is hard to tell which are worthy of your time because it depends on what problems you will encounter in future. Some things for sure is, It will be useful to keep this list as a reference to know which key words are reserved so you will not use it as a variable name.
Also, if you happen to come across some code that you see uses a particular keyword and need to understand it, the reference list will come in handy. Anyway, take it slowly, one step at a time and enjoy your learning journey as it a long one. cheers! :grin:

In the end, depending on what you want to achieve with your code, all of them are important.
This doesn’t mean you need to know all of them as soon as possible. As you are starting out in javascript i would suggest to “role with the punches”.
Most javascript editors will mark keywords with a distinct color. If you encounter a keyword in someone elses code, you can always look it up in the reference.

If in the future, you encounter a problem were a special keyword (which you are unaware of) is needed to get to a solution, you will end up searching the web and asking others for help. So you will learn it that way.

Thanks to you both!!

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