Question about HTML & CSS: Part I


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It’s not that I’m stuck with something but I just have several questions.

When you’re linking to create a new styling page, this is normally how it’s written. But “/style.css” isn’t exactly a web page. Then how is it possible for the computer to figure out what page to go to?

In the body section, we write this code:
href=“” target="_blank"
But this code actually doesn’t make anything appear. So why is this written?

And lastly, what is the function of ?


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no, its not a webpage. Its points the the style.css file on the codecademy server. Thankfully we can link css files relative to the html file on the server and the computer understands this :slight_smile:

well, if we have:

<a href="" target="_blank">brown bear</a>

you can click on the brown bear to get redirected to the wikipedia pages on brown bear), href points to the page it should open

target blank indicates it should open in new tab

this might not work wonderful well in the lesson, because the output displayed in the lesson is a webpage inside a webpage.

i put your code in a bin, here it works, If you code your own webpages later, it will also work :slight_smile:

good to question this kind of thing, that you don’t take it for granted

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Wow! Thank you
(that bin is awesome)

No more questions? There are plenty of sites like jsbin (jsfiddle, codepen, which offer such features

Learn how to code html and css files on your own computer, install a good text-editor (atom for example)

I’m trying to figure out what Atom is. Is it some kind of a notepad for coding?

Its a text-editor, slightly more suitable for coding then notepad:

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