Question about HTML and

How are the <h1> and <p> tags on the same level? This is from the tutorials here.

Also, am I learning HTML 5?

Both the <h1> and <p> elements are children of the <div> element. Because the <h1> and <p> elements are in the same level, they are considered siblings, and are both grandchildren of the <body> element.

    <p>Get Started</p>

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Yes, within a limited time frame. Not sure how large that interval is, could be an hour, could be half, or even a quarter hour. There is a window, else I couldn’t suggest you try to look at the OP under the hood (don’t change anything, please).

HTML5, yes, but more particularly, HTML. HTML5 is a significant step up from HTML 4 and XHTML, the core language notwithstanding. It stands on the shoulders of the specification that precedes it.

Not trying to spam, but there were three different concerns so I felt it needed separatation.

On to the original question, they are on the same level because they are sibling nodes. Go back to essay structure as taught in middle school.

Top heading, 
    section heading, 
    section heading, 
    section heading, 
    section heading, 
    section heading, 

Well formed documents conform to a strict and easily identified outline. HTML gave us elementary tools, HTML5 gives us semantic tools that make this outline standard much easier to lean into.

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