Question about Grid Quiz

I couldnt understand why tall will have 2 boxes.
Also,why the wide will be 200px for another question.

Can anyone explain it with a picture ?


Hi @123000chan4286216895 !

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First, you need to understand the grid concept. Here you will have a box divide into columns and rows. So in your case, you will have 3 columns with 200px wide and 4 rows with different talls: 100px 100px 200px 100px.

So, its look like this:

[NOTE] If you have more than 3 columns or more than 4 rows it will take the value in order. This is: Row 5: 100px. Row 6: 100px. Row 7: 200px. Row 8:1 00px and so on.

Now that you have your grid, you have to position the .item. Remember that end value doesn’t include it.

Item will start at column 2 and end at column 3 (so, only column 2). And row-start 2 and finish at row-end 4 (remember end value not include. So Start at 2 and end at 3). Now you have to sum. Columns determinates wide and row determinates tall.

Item how tall? 2 boxes. (because it use 2 rows)
Item how wide? 200px (because every column wide 200px)

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Thank You soooo Much !

You are the best.

Do you mind help me with one more question? It is on the last reply, since the problem solver hasnt help me out. :frowning:

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