Question about getters in Intro to JavaScript Advanced Objects lesson

const robot = {

  _model: '1E78V2',

  _energyLevel: 100,

  get energyLevel () {

    if (typeof this._energyLevel === 'number') {

      return `My current energy level is ${this._energyLevel}`;

    } else {

      return 'System malfunction: can not retrieve energy level';





The code above is what I have after completing the getters exercise in the getters lesson of Intro to JavaScript Advanced Objects, but I had two quick questions about it.
First, when we say get energyLevel() to make the function, why do we say energyLevel and not _energyLevel with the underscore to match property above?
Additionally, why don’t we say robot._energyLevel in the console.log statement at the bottom?

I think the point of the lesson was for you to use getters.
.energyLevel is a getter for ._energyLevel
so they use
.energyLevel to show it can be used similarly to ._energyLevel,
but using the setter .energyLevel does something more: it checks whether you’re setting it to be a number.

(The syntax for using the getter is the same as the syntax for using the property directly.)