Question about float / double / decimal

Hey there. Just started learning programming on codeacademy, decided to start with C#. In the course, i have to use writeline to print the weight of a dog, a fractional number , “65.22”, it should be small enough for it to be included in the float library and decimal should be big enough to include it as well, right? but i get an error using any of them, and i can only use double, anybody knows why that is?

Hello @py9357380041, welcome to the forums! Can you post your code with a screenshot of the error, please?

Sure !

same error if i use decimal, only works using double

I think this occurs because the default decimal number on C# is double (meaning to create floats or decimals, you have to do things with the number, such as add an f to the beginning of it), it wants to convert the number 65.22 to a float, but since that’s a lossy conversion (meaning data could be lost, as floats hold less information than doubles), you have to actually tell the code you want it converted.

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