Question about coding from a newbie

Hi Everyone!
I have been into coding for a relative short span of time yet and probably the answer to the question I am about to ask will come over time. Anyway, in order to boost my enthusiasm I thought it would be a good move to ask to the elders.

I started to learn coding out of curiosity. I thought that it could be useful to approach at least the basics of such widespread tool. The web is a huge source of tutorials and tips to learn how to create very engaging projects through coding. I am now learning the basics of front-end web developing and on the way I am also taking a look to UI and UE. I came across some interesting tutorials that, beside teaching the conventional ways of coding (text editing) they are also teaching how to create user interfaces for mobile devices with softwares that automatically generate code out of design drafts.

My question is, if coding can now be easily substituted with software such as Supernova studio, skipping the whole process of writing down the code manually, which will be, in the end, the benefits of knowing how to code?

Now, I am pretty sure there are plenty of valid reasons and that is why I am asking here in this community.


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Programming and learning to code are two different things in my opinion. Programming also involves problem solving, thinking in logic steps and much more. Very valuable life skills to have, regardless if you end up working as a programmer or not.

you are right about the fact that more tools exist to automate coding process (supernova, website builders like wix and many more), on the other hand, these tools do not write themselves.

Furthermore, once people want more sophisticated apps (with there own business logic), you will need programmers

its impossible to say how the future of programming will evolve, but for the next decade, programmers won’t go away (not by a long shot)


If you compare it with one of them self driving Tesla cars. If you want to go somewhere the car can’t go on its own, you would still need a drivers licence.

Same go’s with programming. Al tho there are a lot of tools that write the code for you, you will only be able to do as much as the program allows you to. if you want more you need to be able to code.

With this said i would state that the benefit of knowing how to code is, you can decide yourself which road you take.