Question about Codecademy

I have a general Codecademy question. I recently completed the Python Fundamentals Part I course. After working with DataCamp for about a year, I fell in love with Codecademy because there were no gaps between lessons.

DataCamp, for example, seems to assume a lot of prior knowledge in its beginner courses. Similarly, the practice activities ask students to solve problems for which the students have had no on-platform exposure.

I’ve just begun Python Fundamentals Part II in Codecademy. I’m starting to see this horrible pattern here. That is, Codecademy is making assumptions about knowledge level and/or asking of me some things I haven’t learned.

I’m a diligent learner–a beginner learner–but diligent nonetheless. I’m on a free trial license. I’m unwilling to shell out the cash for a full license if Codecademy is just going to repeat the aspects of DataCamp that I really dislike.

Any thoughts? Does it get easier from here, or am I in for more of the same?


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