Question about arithmetic


I’m really confused with how it came up to 1908 divided by three when I asked for hints when it fact the step 2 asked “What is the remainder when 1398 is divided by 11?” I really need your help to clarify this, I’m so confused sorry.

FAQ: Learn Python - Python Syntax - Arithmetic

If math is not your strong suit then now would be the time to bone up on it. Start by reading. The hint is not going to give you the answer, but an example of how to get the answer you want.

In elementary school we learned what is known as long division. We learned the name of all the parts of a division problem.

Dividend, divisor, quotient and Remainder

When you understand what a Remainder is, as well as the other terms, this question will have a simple answer.


An example doesn’t (and probably shouldn’t) use the same numbers
What it’s there for, is explaining %, so that you can then apply it yourself to the numbers of the problem


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