Question about 2. Declare your variables


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  1. Declare your variables
    in this problem thanks dear.
    i wait for your help.


dear friends help me in this problem

  1. Declare your variables


help me in this program. and how do solve problem of ( 2. Declare your variables)


Declaring a variable is done by

var name;

and the definition is done by

name = value;

and all in one step:

var name = value;

could you be more specific on what the problem is and what your code looks like?

PS: One thread per question is enough. Please refrain from cross posting. More information would help more than more questions.


type your code, so we can see code on which u r working.@chiprockstar83000


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dear @chiprockstar83000

If you want to write a question please press the Q&A button in the exercise your working on, this should direct you to the correct part of the forum. The one that belongs to the exercise and therefor the one where people have the same problems and maybe able to help you without further research where this question belongs to. It also helps if you would post your code and maybe the error message so that people now what you're struggeling with an can help you.


i am stuck in this ( While Loops in PHP) and 7. All On Your Own!
in this lesson


I created a topic for this over here:

But as said the more information you provide about what the problem actually is the easier it is for people to try to solve it.


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