Question 9 out of 10


the question is to make a rule select the a element

am i doing it wrong?

.learn-more h3 {
color: #00b0ff;


That selects the h3 elements, not the a elements. Can you see that now?


ahhh i understand now
this all so cool learning but can be pretty tricky!


could you assist in telling me how to target the a elements


It is very similar to how you targeted the a elements in your nav div in the very first CSS rule that you wrote.

Do you see how now?


that makes sense but when i select hint it give me this


so i still have to involve the h3 element


Sure, the hint is showing you how to select h3 elements, it is a hint, not the answer. You have to adapt that to selecting a elements.


you were right i just needed a break and to come back to my lessons with a fresh mind


I have the same error whats upp???


What does your selector look like?


Same here, can't figure it out, tried multiple combos and can't figure it out :frowning:


What does your new CSS rule look like?


Thought i had to integrate it inside .learn-more h3 {...} Figured out that wasn't the case and fixed it.