Question 7/8 info not passed and not matching tag/directive names


I’ve been wondering, why don’t I have to pass info="app" to the install-app tag? Like I did before with the app-info tag. And, it seems that camel case is recognized and parted with a minus by html. Is that true? Or how does it come, that the tag names don’t fit exactly the names of the directives?


In this exercise, there’s no need to pass an object because the install-app directive is not object-dependent nor object-specific. In this exercise, install-app is a standalone component that doesn’t require any data about which app is being installed. In the real world, install-app would do well to know what app the user is requesting to install :grinning: so in that case, you would pass at least some piece of the object’s info to it.

And yes, you’re correct: camel-case is recognized and parsed with a hyphen.


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