Question 6 Fake_Apps


Question 6 asks you to return the average price for each category.

My attempt: select category, avg(price) from fake_apps order by category;

I'm only returning the average of the News category.



Can we have the link to the exercise please?




Do you mean this link ? Because yours seems to generate an 404 HTTP error.


Try this: I just refreshed the page.



The link still doesn't work. Is it something reserved for codecademy pro?


Yes, this is a project from pro.



Ahh, I understand now. I'm not yet a codecademy pro but try this:

SELECT AVG(price) FROM fake_apps ORDER BY category


I tried that on my own, but I put it in just now and didn't pull anything. I appreciate the attempt!



So does your code works now?


Still having trouble with that one.



Wait... Try this one:

SELECT AVG(price) FROM fake_apps WHERE category


I made the same mistake at the first time too! You should use GROUP BY instead of ORDER BY!!!

So the answer should be:
SELECT category, AVG(price)
FROM fake_apps
GROUP BY category;


This is correct. :wink: !