Question 14/18: Passing a range into a function


So I have the answer to this problem, but I don’t understand how I got it right in the first place, so somebody with knowledge on this please explain to me what I did to get this write.

P.S: Anybody who looked at this question, just to find the answer please try to understand why it’s correct aswell.


What exactly is it, you don’t understand?

well, agree with me that that if do this:

print range(0,3)

that it results in: [0,1,2]. The first number in range indicates the start, and then it will increase in steps of one, while it less then the second number (3 in this case)

Now, i could also do:

for i in range(0,3):
   print i

which will result in:


agree? Now lets look at your for loop:

for i in range(0,len(x)):

len(x) is 3, since x is a list with 3 items, agree? Also agree that if you have a list with 3 items ([0,1,2]), the items are indexed at 0,1 and 2? So, now we have a loop which will gives: 0,1,2 which we can use to access the items in the array


Thank you for responding sir, My problem is not understanding how to transfer the directions to Python. When if the program tells me to define and give an argument I understand that, but the following part I’m always confused on, and search for an answer from the forms. I do attempt to do it, but I would constantly get it incorrect without help.


So, you need to write down for your self:
What do i want to achieve? How could i achieve this? Which functions do i know? Do i need loops, if/elif/else?

Write down the problem, break it down in steps. This is where programming get tricky. Following instructions: fine. Design your own program? Far more complicated, you need to a find method to solve this problem