Question 11 of HTML basics


Not sure what's going on with this error code. Any ideas?


SCT is very annoying in this exercise, make sure you have no spaces in src="https://


It's a good guide! Thank you :smile:


I have the exact same problem (my code looks just like happyaccon's) but changing the spacing doesn't help. Any thoughts?


Could you show us your code?


mine is still not working even after putting the space between " and /> any thoughts? it keeps saying oops try again! whats wrong


please everything looks good on my page but i keep getting oops try again response any idea?


Same answer, post your code.


<!DOCTYPE html>
		<img src=""/>



You only have one image, you should have two images, and you need a space between .jpg" and />


thats the code, where am i getting it wrong? because it keeps saying oops try again later


its telling me new user can only send one imagine sorry, so i reduced it to just one


i included that space the same notification came up, oops try again later. now am getting confused


Yes, on the forum. But if you format your code (like you did) you can have two images, because then it is just code


okay. but the same notification came up telling me "oops try again later"


You need the space between .jpg" and /> like i said earlier, it is xml syntax


@lushlifealex change 2nd image url to be different one..
if you put same urls in both the images then it give error.
this is my code:-


@stetim94 just put both the urls of images to de pf differnt one then the code runs...


I know how i can make the exercise works, i am just helping people. Your code is not visible, and you can use the same image twice


hello everyone! I have the same problem...I think my code is ok and it keeps saying "oops try again"