Question 10 issues


<a href=""> Google</a>
ok start again

the above code is working in the forum but not working on html editor in codecademy???

any advice pls

thank you


Okay I saw the code now you use src (source code) when adding images to add a link you use href

so your link will be <a href="">Google</a>

pls use pre formatted text option when inserting code so its visable on faq


How did you see a source (src) attribute was used? I formatted the code, i don't see a src attribute



if you click on the little pencil on the right of the question, then click on RAW you will see what html was typed in,

it looks like she/he changed her/his question


No, i changed it. And i promise you i only inserted backticks.


Thanks. i do realise that i made a silly mistake there thanks for your patience.


Np, pleasure... We all learn from our mistakes