Question 10/11 "To learn it, yo gotta "do" it!"

getToDaChoppa is the function, you use it to call the function:


It wouldn’t make since to do while ( getToDaChoppa ), which means while function, while function what?

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Please do not post uncommented solutions and about your solution better think about the naming of your variables:

In your code getToDaChoppa is first the boolean false, then you replace this boolean with a whole function and inside the function you replace it again with the boolean true. So after you ran the function once it is useless as getToDaChoppa now has a value of true and is therefore not callable. Which makes the whole function kind of pointless as the reason for using function is to call them more then once.

@fluttershypinkiepie, posting answers without any explanation is not according to the guidelines

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var getToDaChoppa = function(number);{
// Write your do/while loop here!
do { console.log(number + “is a number less than two!”)
while(number < 2);

Is this going to work ? Or do i need to use booleans for this exercise ?

No because this semicolon: