Query using pandas

I have a database of stations’ codes corresponding to stations’ names of India. Which looks like this:

station_code  station_name
ACND          A N Dev Nagar
AHA           Abhaipur
ADTP          Adityapur
ANDI          Adrsh Ngr Delhi
SASN          Sahibzada Asngr

I am using google API to return nearest railway stations’ names of a given location. I want to know the corresponding station codes of station names returned by google API. I tried this:

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv(“Stations Codes.csv”)

#let stations variable stores value returned by google API
stations = ‘’‘Chandigarh
Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar’’’

station_name = stations.split(’\n’)
station_code =

for i in range(len(station_name)):
if station_name[i] in list(df[“station_name”]):
code = list(df[df[“station_name”]==station_name[i]][“station_code”])[0]
code = “Not Found”

Output: [‘CDG’, ‘Not Found’]

Mostly, this code works well. But google returns full station names and my database has few station names abbreviated.
for example, google returns “Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar” but my database has “Sahibzada Asngr”, similarly google returns “Adarsh Nagar Delhi” but my databse has “Adrsh Ngr Delhi”.
I would have used str.contains(string). but, I don’t want to have multiple station names but the best possible one. If it’s not there return nothing. Thank you in advance!

A quick search with DuckDuckGo shows that Sahibzada Asngr and Adrsh Ngr Delhi are both valid station names. They are not abbreviations.

Yes. You are right. They are valid station names and the station names which google api is returning, are also valid.
The problem is, database name and name returned by google api is not matching, though they are showing same station.
How can we match them?