Queries Module: For a CASE Statement, which WHEN condition will be fulfilled if the row satisfies both conditions?

Hello, I am working on step 14 of the “Query” Lesson under the Queries module.

The Example gives me this code:
sql query lesson step 14

Technically, wouldn’t all movies with a rating above 8 count as both “Poorly Received” and “Fantastic”? Because such a movie would fulfill both WHEN conditions? But when I type the code into the code editor, the result is that any movies with a rating from 6.1 to 8 are labeled as “Poorly Received” and all movies with a rating above 8 are just labeled as “Fantastic”, instead of being labeled as both “Fantastic” and “Poorly Received”. How does SQL know to label, for example, The Avengers movie as “Fantastic” when, according to the code, that movie can also just as legitimately be labeled “Poorly Received”?

Each Boolean expression is evaluated in the order specified in each WHEN clause and the result is returned. (Your WHENs run in order).

Did you try >= rather than >? What happens?