followed a formula rendering a code any news`?

// Quadratic Formula :chart_with_upwards_trend:

var a: Double = 6
var b: Double = -7
var c: Double =

var root1: Double
var root2: Double

// The positive root
root1 = (-b + (bb - 4ac).squareRoot()) / (2a)

// The negative root
root2 = (-b - (bb - 4ac).squareRoot()) / (2a)

// Outputting the roots
print(“Root 1 is (root1)”)
print(“Root 2 is (root2)”)

Hello @ikeliii, welcome to the forums! In Swift, to multiply variables together, you must use the * (multiplication) operator. For example:

var a: Double = 7
var b: Double = 8
var multiplication = a * b
//multiplication is now 56.0

Look where you’re multiplying variables. Are you using the correct operator all the time?

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