QTBIPOC free Pro Membership

How can I get one of the 100 free Pro memberships from “working with Out in Tech.” QTBIPOC learners to “celebrate Pride Month” and empower queer people in tech.

I already have pro, but my year plan is just about to end, and, it wasn’t enough for me. I need more, I’m already very close to getting my super helpful miraculous app that will leap humanity for the best.

Also, I’m not rich, but queer or weird, or maybe just awkward to some folks, but amazing and awesome for sure, also I’m proud of my achievements so far; I don’t like to keep track, but I’m proud of me, or maybe I just want to convince myself to make my life a little bit less miserable, who knows. Maybe both?

From the blog post:

To help aspiring QTBIPOC programmers reach their goals, we donated 100 free Codecademy Pro subscriptions to QTBIPOC folx learning to code with Out in Tech.

Codecademy donated the subscriptions. It’s not open for application :+1:

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