QBank project - is SQL the right toll for me?


i am currently working on a project that is supposed to become learning platform for A-Level takers in math. For that purpose i have started the web development path on codecadaemy. Right now I am learning how to use SQL, in order to create a database with all the questions that could occur on a math test.

Now that I am getting more and more into it my questions are:

  • Is SQL is the right tool for me? And am I doing the right path?
  • If yes, is it possible to create multiple choice questions using SQL?
  • How can I structure the SQl database/table so that I have questions, 4 possible answers and the correct answer?

Thanks for the help in advance,

yes, but SQL alone isn’t enough.

some of the things you mention are better in the application layer:


the database structure is very likely 3 three tables:


where choices has a foreign key to question (question_id), and questions has a foreign key to answers (answer_id)

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Thank you for the response. So the way I am thinking about it:

Presentation layer: This will be the website where I will have to use HTML and CSS

Application Layer: This is where I will have to use Java Script

Database: Here i will use SQL

Can you confirm?



the application layer could be split in front-end and back-end (depending on how dynamic your application is), the front-end application layer can be written in Javascript, the back-end you can also use nodeJS.

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