Q5. Paragraphs in the body


I don't know what I do badly. I write my code this way:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>My Webpage</title>

    <p>Hello world!</p>
    <p>Hi people!</p>

And program writes this text: Oops, try again. Make sure you put in your open tag!.


its working fine for me

try to reset your code and try again


Hi Elis17,

Like @dustin1996 says, your code is passing for me. If it still won't work for you, I suggest you try refreshing the page or switching browsers.


Greetings everyone My name is Deborah & I seem to be stuck with the same issue! I have put the

tags everywhere possible and get the exact same response! "oops you have forgotten the p tags" Even when I make the point of designating between p1 &p2!!!


@ Deborah, is your code exactly the same as @elis17's?


Thanks you @zystvan and @dustin1996. It helped change browser. I use Firefox now. And in browser Firefox you can write code usually (line below line).


		Headings & Paragraphs

Hello World!

I am learning how to create a webpage, so that I can build a new career & showcase my skills as a Content creator.


no, I'm stuck on #6...


SUCCESS!!! I have unstuck my own self!!!!
Thanks for the replies anyway....