Q4 2016 — Learn HTML & CSS and Learn JavaScript


Q4 2016 — Learn HTML & CSS and Learn JavaScript new course releases

release time for new courses? but what does Q4 means? what is the exact date that the new courses will be released? I need to complete my courses before that. :grin:


I have no idea what the exact date is, but Q4 means quarter four. So I guess anytime between now and December 31. :slight_smile:


And of course if and when anything changes you can find it out at the codecademy blog!


A post from @alexcraig in the Teachers section of the forum confirms that the older courses will be available until Dec 31, 2016.

"Our mission is always to provide the best platform for students learning to code. After hearing from several teachers, we have decided to slightly modify our course roll out plan to cause as little disruption as possible.

For teachers and students on the platform, the following courses will continue to be accessible until the end of the semester (Dec. 31, 2016):

Thanks for your support of Codecademy!"


That definitely clears things up! Thanks so much. :slight_smile: