Python3/ Loops/ delete_starting_even_number. SLICE LIST incomprehension?

I don’t understand why we use this form of slice for this exercise.
lst = lst[1:]

I thought the 1st reference was always 0, so I was expecting: lst = lst[0:]
and how does it take the 1st three element off in this exercice.

this is true, but the first item (at index 0) is even, so we want to remove this. The exercise achieves this by copying everything from the second item (index 1) till the end in a new list. So now the first item has been “removed”. An expensive and some what slightly confusing way to go about this

combined with the loop, this will keep “removing” the first item until:
the first item in the list is odd/uneven
there are no more items in the list

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Ok understood.Thank you for your help.