Python3 Loops Course

I dont know how others have felt but for me as a beginner i found the whole course didnt really prepare you for the later tasks. I found myself doing it twice in a row now to get a better understanding and while i got a little better at it, i still find myself wondering how to memorize everything and how to get a better understanding of it… Maybe others have felt the same? I’m not the best in math too, so maybe this is another reason.

It takes practice!

Often times, these courses are to introduce you to the topic. You should practice the same topic until you feel you can confidently do a couple of variations on the idea (or even more). This is true in the beginning as much as it is true in the more advanced courses.

It’s never a bad idea to repeat the exercises or to review them. For the projects they give at the end of sections, if you did it before with the step-by-step instructions, see if you can do it just from the description of the project for example.


I had a little trouble with it too at first, but as long as you keep going back to it when you need a refresher, you’ll learn it in no time!