Python3 customer_service_bot problem


I started the first python3 project in jupyter and after building the first bit of code in step 2 it says " Great Job! Run cs_service_bot() in the cell below and see how it works." When I call the cs_service_bot() function no output is returned. The project says “Cool! We have the initial skeleton done…” and goes to move on to step 3.

I went over to the solutions tab and when I called the function there I again got no output.

What am I doing wrong? Is it the Jupyter environment set-up that’s the problem?


I think I figured it out by googling around a bit. The Python3 kernel wasn’t running. I can restart it but it seems to stop every couple of minutes. So scratch that first question. My new question is why does the Python3 kernel stop running?


I can’t help you, I’m just hoping the CodeAcademy people see this.

This exercise killed my enthusiasm for learning Python3 for the day. Installing and getting this stuff to work should be its own lesson and not an exercise within a module. My OCD wanted to finish the exercise to complete the module but then I looked at a 10 hour lesson for the command line stuff, plus installing a “conda” and I just closed the window for the day.

To be clear, I think the learning for this exercise is important. Weeks prior I spent lots of time installing python, choosing a editor, and linking the editor to the python compiler(?). Learning the command line would be very helpful. And maybe Juypter is helpful? I don’t know. I definitely see the utility for a lesson around this stuff. But man, throwing all of that into an exercise just killed my enthusiasm for the day.