**Welcome to the Get Help category!**Hello everyone. Please I have bee having a problem with the off platform codding correspondence. The instructions say:

I have jupyter notebook installed and the latest version of python, but when I type “jupyter notebook” in the terminal this is what happens:

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How did you install it? Miniconda? Pip?

Or, here:

I’m not using miniconda, and I thought pip is automatically installed with python.

How did you install Jupyter? What steps did you follow? You’re on a Mac, yes?

No. I am on a windows machine. I followed the steps in the article you linked me to and I downloaded miniconda,
but I think I think I made a mistake along the way. I did not make annaconda my default version of python. Is it going to affect anything?

Sorry, my bad. You had mentioned Terminal and I assumed it was a Mac, b/c of the Terminal app.

I wouldn’t use both Miniconda and Anaconda to install. Pick one & go with that.
Did you say that you installed Anaconda Navigator? That might be easiest to open/run Jupyter. If you have the Anaconda Navigator app you can just access Jupyter that way (and not use the command line/terminal. Is Navigator in your start menu?

What web browser do you use and do you have any extensions installed on it (like pop up blockers)?