Hello guys,

I’m sure I probably shouldn’t be posting this in here. But the thing is I want to start working with Python, i just finish the course and I really like the program, i would like to keep on learning, currently I work as net security engineer, and would like to star working part-time with Python dev. But web programming is not my think, not that i don’t like it, is just that I’m not good with design, JS, html and so, is just not my thing, you guys know where can I focus ? Any comments or ideas would be really appreciated.

Try writing some backend code.

What you said you don’t like “design / JS / html” that’s all frontend (in my opinion).
Try using django to make some basic background work with databases / etc.
For your interface, just spit it all out in a div. If you’re not into the design portion, focus on other areas~

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