def solving():
    a = x**3-5*x+1
    b = 3*x**2-5
    print("\n a =",a)
    print("\n b =",b)
    print("\nnow we are going to find x1 value\n")
    x1 = x-(a/b)
    print("\n x1 value =",x1)

guys pls help me to solve the issue. after 1 execution I need to change x value (i want to copy the x1 value to x)

print("enter the x value to find f(x)\n")
x = float(input())
print("enter the number of iteration required =\n ")
i = int(input())
print("iteration(i) = ",i)
while i >= 0:
    i = i-1

you could use return to hand back x1 and assign it to x?