I’ve finished about 50% of the python course in code academy and wanted to try to write my own code in Visual Studio. The first thing I noticed, is that the very first thing I tried, print out “hello” did not work. Turns out that code academy is using python 2 and I had python 3 installed.

Do companies slowly transition into using python 3? Are there benefits to knowing both of them? Should I learn in code academy and then redo the same exercises in visual studio to get familiar with python 3?

codecademy is also upgrading its course to python3, when more is known, i am sure an announcement will be made.

For new projects, always pick python3.

Only pick python2 if you have to work with legacy code which is written in python2

you can perfectly learn both versions of python

There is nothing wrong on learning both Python version, but you should stick to Python 3 (currently 3.6) since it has a wide support which keeps evolving on these years.

You can redo the Codecademy exercises on Visual Studio Code and see what are the basis differences between them.