Hii all,
I am new to software development, and i am very much confused that from which language i should start.
First i thought to learn Java and i started learning C# and now i am planning to learn Python.

And due to this i am not able to focus on one technology.
I am having 5 plus years of experience in IT Helpdesk, but now i have decided to move on to web development.

Please help me that which language should i learn?
Java or Python?


Both Java and Python are in high demand, and both can be used for web development. Its difficult to get exact figures, but Java seem to be more used within the industry for web development.

You could pick either, i would pick python. Java heavily relies on OOP, which can be difficult at first. Starting with python means you can start very simple and build your way from scratch to FP to OOP, and then learn java, given you understand objects now a little bit.

in the end, a language is a tool to get the job done. Learn to program, don’t get hung up on knowing a language. You will learn multiple languages regardless if you pursue a programming career

to prove that Java is OOP, here is hello world in Java:

class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("hello world");

and here is hello world in python:

print("hello world")


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