7/15 and basically this whole lesson.

I feel so stupid doing the exercises I feel I can grasp the material pretty well.

The second I get to this section of the material I feel completely dumbfounded.

I already reset my progress twice now and I’m still getting stuck at this same part.

Maybe coding isn’t for me?

[7/15] What is a tuple? What is this error saying?

Coding isn’t for everyone, we can help you if you get stuck in an exercise but please see here;

this topic explains what information we require, and why we require it to help you properly.


Learn the individual operations that you can do, and think about how they can be put together to accomplish something more. It’s kind of like figuring out how to get a glass of water. You’d probably start by figuring out how to get to a kitchen, witch in turn involves standing up, taking steps … And when you find yourself in the attic then you might wanna have a look at what you did and what you should have done differently. If you expect teleportation you might have a hard time, you need to be able to argue for why it’d work at all.


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