i am 38 and completely new to programming
i have started python as my first language
but ,
although i understand syntax . sometimes it is difficult to develop logic to code.
how do i work on developing logic.
help will be greatly appreciated
thank you


That is the tricky bit. Build stuff, install python on your computer, build scripts do tasks

do challenge on codewars, build more stuff. Learn from other sources (solo learn)


i have installed python 3.6
but it is not as user friendly version as one we have on code academy even copy and pasting is a task.. !! how about anaconda which module to use of anaconda ..for simple python tasks?
yes i also use solo learn and also sometimes (data camp) as my main aim of python is going to be data analysis..!
i believe it is like learning maths or solving problems in physics..!
thank you


you use the python IDLE? Yes, that is not ideal for longer script

For this, use a text-editor (like atom), and save the files as .py file and execute them the python interpreter.

you can google/youtube how to achieve this


yes the IDLE.i found that it is not ideal for longer script the hard way..
ok just looked up for atom
thank you very much
i use notepad ++


i just couldn't execute the files i will just google for python interpreter thank you very much..!!


notepad++ is also okay.

Yea, you should google how to execute python scripts

personally, i am not really good at explaining this for windows, i prefer linux (or unix based systems) for this.


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