Python word "raise"

I find the instruction exercises hard to follow and particularly when it mention a code word not taught yet such as “raise”. I am going thru Python Control Flow. At the section for code words “try” and “except”, the instruction is not only hard to understand also it mentions a code word “raise” which shows up for the first time. Frustrating trying to solve the problem without referring to hint or the solution.

As far as I know, the raise keyword forces the compiler to throw an error, regardless of whether an actual error occurred.

From the documentation:

This also might be helpful:

Raise is used to make/bring up an error. I hope this helps you :grinning:

It raises an error…

If you didn’t want something to happen, or maybe you want a fail-safe in place just in case an error occurs, you would use raise.

Here is an example:

if num != 5:
  raise ValueError

or you could do

  print(2 / 0)
except ZeroDivisionError:
  print('You caused an error...')