Python won't work for me!


Python does not work! I really want to work on it, but it is not working! Can someone please help me?


Can you elaborate?

What is the error message? Can you post here a screen shot?


Python won't even load for me!


He is right it won't load for me either


this is what i get

basically it never loads and stays like that


the site seems to be having a bit of problems, this afternoon i noticed the lessons wouldn't load at all, giving me a 500 Bad Request response.


I haven't been able to get the Python, Ruby, or php courses to load for me - and I have been attempting to access these courses for weeks now! :confused:


me to! i think they are updating the whole course or something


I am having the exact same issue. It lets my type only when the page first loads. but not after I click somewhere. Even after the code is entered it will not allow for submitting due to the loading issue.


Yep. Remains completely broken.