Python Version Upgrade Status?


I’ve been wanting to add Python to my list of languages, but I don’t have any interest in rolling with a deprecated version. The concerns I’ve read (less libraries, incompatabilities, etc.) are the same ones that have been rolling around for quite some time. I suspect these issues are less relevant and am hopeful that there’s something in the works to speak to the Python 3 audience. Does anyone have any insight into open intiatives in that direction?

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Can you ellaborate on your question?

After I started messing around with Cisco’s DevNet and for a side-business performing API calls using Perl, I’m thinking it’s time to step up to something more modern. I’ve been periodically (every few months) checking back at CodeAcademy to see if there would be a version update coming, haven’t seen any indication of it. After my initial check, I Googled the differences between the two and found people posting the same supporting arguments. I’ve got enough other things on my plate to keep me busy in the interim, but was wondering if there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon or if it’ll likely be a few years.

I’ve no doubt it’s a large undertaking requiring many iterations and a team of people to pull off, but it would be really cool to see a high-level road-map showing what’s in the works and a rough estimated time of completion.

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I agree! An update to python would be nice <3