Python variable[i]

Hi everyone!

I am having trouble understanding certain logic in Python.
Let’s say you have variable[i]. I do not understand the meaning of the [i] in the brackets or what variable[i] (temporary variable in brackets) is doing. Is it iterating over i??? is it iterating over variable???

Maybe I am blind, but I cannot find a forum simply explaining this logic and this is very hard for me to grasp. Please help!!!

Did you try the lesson???

Unfortunately they only have python 2 that isn’t pro but it should work is this what your asking?

If you have a list
list_of_stuff = ["rock", "mouse", "tree"]
list_of_stuff[0] would be "rock"
list_of_stuff[1] would be "mouse"
list_of_stuff[2] would be "tree"

You could use a loop to iterate through the list using each index too.

for i in range(3):

range(3) iterates through integers 0, 1, 2 .
On the first iteration, i will be 0, so it’ll print what’s in list_of_stuff[0]
On the next iteration, i will be 1, so it’ll print what’s in list_of_stuff[1]
On the next iteration, i will be 2, so it’ll print what’s in list_of_stuff[2]


list_of_stuff = ["rock", "mouse", "tree"] for i in range(3): print(list_of_stuff[i] + f" << list_of_stuff[{i}]" + " when i is " + str(i))

You use similar stuff for a dictionary.
dict1 = { "color" : "brown", "size" : "large" }
would be