Python Terminal Game: Tic Tac Toe

Hey hey,

I recently finished my first final project from the Computer Science Path and would like to share my work.
It is interesting to see, how many different aproaches ther are for Tic Tac Toe alone and how other users think.
I struggeled a long time to finish the project step by step and was incredibly happy, when it finaly worked. For me it is difficult to plan out, how the program should work and what I need beforehand, so I just went for it and solved problems as they came. I will try out a different approach for my next projects.

If you like, you can give me some feedback or just try out the code.
Thank you all for sharing your work.



Unfortunately the repository you linked to returns a 404, would you be able to upload the code somewhere else possibly?


Is it possible you have the repository marked as private?

Yes, you are right. The repository is public now. Thanks for the hint!

Thank you. The link should work now.