Python terminal game - snake game


So I wanted to make a python terminal game for the end of the module project. At first I thought about some text RPG but then I was reluctant to start because it didn’t excite me. That’s why I bent the rules a little bit and created a game in pygame instead. You can find more details about it on my post: python snake game
Please give some feedback about the game. And feel free to share your projects.

If you have access to an IDE, use that. Also, Bro Code on youtube has a cool python snake game walkthrough.

That’s very interesting. Some of the other interesting Python projects may include: creating a web application using Flask, developing a web scraper using BeautifulSoup, creating a machine learning model using Scikit-Learn, building a chatbot using NLTK, creating a web crawler using Scrapy, or designing a game using Pygame. Here are some other interesting Python projects that might be useful.