Python Terminal Game Project

I’ve finished the Python Terminal Game Project, where we were supposed to create a game in our own coding environment.
The code is as naive as it gets, but it went fast and clean :slight_smile:
I’ve attached the github link and I hope you have fun with it!
Any feedback is most welcome!

Very interesting!

2 pointers:

  • this needs an off button. Ctrl-c is not a graceful quit option.
  • the tex formatting isn’t working like you think it might be…


My bad, i didn’t think to explicitly state that the challenge lasts 60s :frowning:

It’s nothing to apologize over! That’s exactly why it’s good to ask for feedback, users always bring a different perspective.


Can’t edit the initial post anymore, so I’ll just leave it here:
I intended the game to be a time trial: get as many operations right in 60 seconds.
The program then returns a score and an encouragement message :slight_smile:

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