Python Terminal Game: Music Quiz

Hi everyone!
My project generates a multiple choice quiz for the ones having a beginner-intermediate music theory knowledge and want to practice. I came up with this idea because of my mother, who is a music theory teacher, and quizzes her students to test their knowledge. The main file of the project does the following:

  • prompts the user to select a grade (preparatory, first grade, second grade or third grade),
  • generates 10 multiple choice questions,
  • prompts the user to answer each question one by one,
  • informs the user, after each question, whether he/she answered correctly,
  • prints the result at the end of the quiz, and
  • asks the user if he/she wants to retake the quiz.

There is still room for improvement, though, like optimizing the appearance and adding more questions. So any feedback is welcome!