Python Terminal Game: Connect Four


Here’s my first start-to-finish python project: Connect Four.

You can play it at: GitHub - aaw707/Connect-Four: Final Project of CodeCademy Computer Science Career Path Unit 1

Any feedback or suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Cool game!
One issue is that when prompted for a column to drop the next disk in, the input expects only an integer and throws a ValueError if given anything else.
Maybe you could add a check to see if the input can be interpreted as an integer before attempting to cast it.


Thanks for the reply! I will make that update.
Also I just noticed that, when I was writing the program, the terminal I used can show the two types of discs differently, but when I run it on another terminal, both of them look the same. I’ll replace the circles with more recognizable symbols, tool


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