Python Syntax - What to use?



Hello. I am currently learning the Python course here, on Codecademy. I do have one problem tho. When learning this course, I am taught syntax such as: print “Hello”. But when I try this code on a real IDE it does not work, instead I have to put: print ('Hello"). I am confused, what am i supposed to use?


The problem here is that codecademy uses python 2.7.x while the ‘real IDE’ you are using probably uses some version of python > 3.0, like 3.5.x

In python 3, the print statement is just a normal function which you have to call with parentheses.


Aha I read something about that… So, should I carry on with the course and just put the parenthesis whenever required or will it be a bit more than that?


It will be a bit more, but the print statement will be the most noticeable.


Alright, thank you very much. I will continue with the Python course and put the required parenthesis wherever they need to go.