Python Syntax: Medical Insurance Project

Hey Everyone!
I just finished the Medical Insurance Project in Python. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks

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Once you learned about functions should revisit this project and use function to eliminate some of the repetitiveness :slight_smile:

Looks good! I recently decided to completely restart the Data Science course after they implemented their course updates (was about 30% through prior to updates). @stetim94 is definitely right about functions, or maybe even class? Will revisit both ideas once I get further into the new content.

I attached my project–I created new variables for the changed info, rather than changing the variables back and forth. A bit more work, but it keeps things straight in my head.

Feedback is appreciated!

Also, could you please help me understand how you shared your gist on your post instead of just copy/paste the code into your thread? Would really appreciate it! I haven’t shared a gist on this forum before.

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you could make a gist on, then copy and paste the link of the gist on the forum, which will recognize the gist and display it in a nice way.


Great, thanks! I’ll try editing my reply now and see if it works.

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There’s a handy link in the learning environment (share icon) near the save/run button that will even do it for you :+1:.

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I was like: I vaguely remember that there was a better way, but forgot what it was. Good one :slight_smile:


Excellent, thank you!

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I learned functions and you are absolutely right! It really takes out the mass repeating.

Hey guys, I am new here learning python.
I am trying to understand how does the math work on this medical insurance project, my numbers just don’t line up. I follow the instructions, and I have no problems when writing the code. I would like to be able to understand the math, if anyone is kind of enough to explain it to me it would be appreciated.

Thank you

You’re basically adding up a series of numbers, each multiplied by a constant. Perhaps if you separate each part out it may be easier to read-

# constant of 250, multiplied by patient age
(250 * age)
# start adding together all other variables
+ (-128 * sex)  # the constant here is negative
+ (370 * bmi)
+ (425 * num_of_children)
+ (24000 * smoker)
-12500  # just remove 12,500 from the total number at this point

If that’s not clear then consider adding a new question on the forums- FAQ: How to ask good questions or if the math itself is still unclear then take a bit of time to learn it because coding does require a certain level of mathematical knowledge. For this problem at the very least the order of mathematical operations must be known.

For a more general order of operations in Python see-

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Thank you for your response, I did break it into parts and separated each part over the weekend and it definitely it was clear. Ha! I believe I was overthinking it too much that day.