Python Syntax Error


I keep getting a syntax error. I don't know what the problem is. I'm using python. My program is related to restaurant bills and tips. Specifically how a 15% and 20% tip will affect the inputted bill.

Here is my code:

restaurant_bill = int(input("Your bill total amount is:")

tipOne = restaurant_bill * 0.15

tipTwo = restaurant_bill * 0.20

plus_tipone = restaurant_bill + tipOne

plus_tiptwo = restaurant_bill + tipTwo

print("Your total bill plus a tip of fifteen percent", tipOne, "dollars, comes")
print("out to", plus_tipone)

print("Your total bill plus a tip of twenty percent", bill_Tiptwo, "dollars, comes")
print("out to", plus_tiptwo)

input("\n\nPress enter to continue")


Close off parentheses before starting a new statament


Thanks!!! I spent so long trying to figure out the problem.


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