Python Syntax Error


I don't see what is wrong with my code?!
I have the ERROR: Oops try again. Did you create the variable python?



#Code Start!

monty = True

python = 1.234

monty_python = python** 2


It should work, also try using comma instead of a point.
Refresh browser? Anyways, goodluck! :smile:


It is still not working?!


Which lesson number is it??


I cant find it but I have seen it before. So i can give you my code. I have already passed it. I need the lesson number thought @thezgamer3000.


It is Lesson 13 Bringing it all together, Python Syntax

Please help me with this


This is my successful code:

monty= True
monty_python=python ** 2


Thank you very much!


Thanks micro, was stuck on this myself.
I still dont understand what I was doing wrong but
woop d doo. Thanks again.


I think its because you write monty_python = python** 2 , normally its monty_python = python ** 2
(theres a space between python and *)


I need help on exercise 11 someone please help me!


@partynholland show your code


I had this same problem and it was driving me nuts, thanks for posting! Also, thank you @microjumper57512 for your code, I had no idea a period instead of a comma or nothing at all made the necessary difference. wow.



I have a EOL syntax error while scanning string literal
1"""Hello this is the news,
2 python is interesting.
The comment says File "python", line 3
"""Hello this is the news,
python is interesting.


SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal
Can anyone help please? I don't know what to do. What does this mean?
Thank you


I can help you... what do you need help with exactly? I have a working code for all of Python SYNTAX.


you would just need to intent it properly


Python Syntax Codes


SHUT UP AND KEEP TYPING CODE!!!:kissing_heart: